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⊿When using WhatsApp GB, the official WhatsApp will stop working until you log back in again. Conversations opened in the official messenger will not migrate to WhatsApp GB when using WhatsApp GB, so if you want to protect important chat messages, please back up your conversations or do not uninstall the official messenger app to protect your chat history.Ⓨ

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⊗The original WhatsApp didn't offer the ability to send a message to a number. It was necessary to save a new number to your contact list and then search for it within official WhatsApp to send a message. But things have changed in GB WhatsApp. This article is to show you how to send messages without saving number on GB WhatsApp. Let’s get started.Ⅿ

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◙Do you always want to know what message content your friends have deleted? Do you get confused when the person sends a message but deletes it immediately? gw's anti-deleted message function can help you with this. This feature prevents the sender from deleting messages that have been sent to your software for deletion, even if the withdrawal function is used on his mobile side.ⓟ

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