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ⓅLast but not least, the previous official WhatsApp couldn't do auto-reply. Instead, GBWhatsApp Latest Version adds this feature and it's free. Career professionals should not miss this feature. It helps you to avoid missing out on text messages when you receive too many on holidays, or when you don't feel comfortable replying to text messages in your daily life and at work. In short, it makes your work easier.↹

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✕There is an option, which is at the top of chat, that allows everyone to see when you were last online. There is no way to hide the online status in the original WhatsApp, but you can hide the last seen message. The last seen message as well as the online status can be hidden in GBWhatsApp APK download latest version. This feature prevents people from seeing your online status while you are offline, so they cannot comment or stare at it when you were last online.⑤

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