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×We copy messages to make it easier for ourselves to chat or work, but copying messages in the original WhatsApp automatically carries other extra information, which can make chatting or working less efficient. GBWhatsApp APK download latest version solves this problem very well by automatically eliminating these unnecessary details, such as date and time, when you copy a message. With this attribute, the copied content is just all the text you want to copy.ⅶ

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ⒾDue to business needs or the desire to keep work and life contacts separate and avoid confusion, GB WhatsApp Pro responds to the need for users to use two WhatsApp accounts on one phone. With WhatsApp GB Pro it is possible to use multiple accounts on the same device as long as the user provides a new mobile phone number. This feature makes it very easy to use temporary numbers on WhatsApp.㊃

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◄You can use the features of the official WhatsApp to tell if someone download GBWhatsApp. If both parties in the chat are using the official WhatsApp, two blue ticks will appear under the chat bubble when your contact has read your message. And if someone replies to your message (proving that they have read your message), but there are no double blue ticks showing under the chat bubble. This allows you to infer that the other person is using a mod, such as GBWhatsApp.✈

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